Tango Puro Classes for December

Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 12th and Tuesday 18th December. Two classes 7-8 pm & 8-9 pm. £10 per class

Tango Lessons December in Bristol with Alejandro Angelica & Ornella Solar
with Tangopuro® system
For middle and advanced dancers
info: Alejandro Angelica & Ornella Solar
Cell: 07776 528395
cell: 07770 045542
e-mail: tangopuroinfo@gmail.com
19.00 to 20.00 Tango intermediate
20.00 to 21.00 Tango middle and advanced
Some elements of improvisation and musicality covered during the courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Deconstruction / construction
Binary count
Alternating steps that run/walk on the spot
Cruzado and Paralelo system
Change of direction of movement
Changes in intensity
The horizontal width of the step
Vertical pitch modulation
Pitch selection based on the musical intensity
Step-based on the modulation of the musical intensity
Dance style based on the orchestra’s style
Melodic and rhythmic structures
Slow movement
Normal time
Backbeat and rebound