The Enneagram for writers –

Sat 13th Nov 10am-2pm £55

Want to develop three-dimensional fictional characters but just can’t get there? The Enneagram is an ancient model of personality types that provides a fascinating framework for understanding ourselves and others better. It’s often the missing ingredient for writers struggling to flesh out their characters and make them as complex as we all are.

In this exciting workshop, WriteClub’s Alison Powell and Enneagram psychologist Dr Rebekah Tennyson will combine their years of creative writing, psychology and coaching to introduce you to the nine character types defined by the Enneagram.

Alison and Rebekah will show you how you can use this model not only to get a better handle on yourself but to create super-realistic fictional characters. Both your hosts will bring the Enneagram’s dynamic insights to the storyteller’s toolkit – whether you’re writing fiction, memoir, essays or journaling for self-discovery.

During this workshop, you will learn about the nine Enneagram ‘types’ and discover:

  • How each type is motivated
  • Typical behaviour patterns of each type
  • How each type responds differently to stress
  • Where different types tend to find security
  • Revelations about childhood patterns
  • The similarities, differences and overlaps between personality types

Find out how to apply this understanding to yourself. Identify ways it can support your creative process and strengthen your fictional characters. Learn how the Enneagram is used as a model for analysing well-known literary characters and as a tool for creating nuanced characters from scratch.

This workshop isn’t just ideal for writers, it’s great for people who want to understand human psychology better. Maybe you want to gain a different perspective on conflicts in your own life or embrace your strengths – this tool could seriously help. There will be an opportunity to do writing exercises on the day, the chance to share your words, ask questions and meet other writers at various stages of their creative journeys.

Come and get curious about characters – including your own!

Booking essential – click here.