Forest Bathing

Friday 10th June 6-9 pm. Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th 10am - 6pm. Thereafter by arrangement until Sunday 26th June. Free

Mike McGoran has worked as a photographer for clients including McLaren, Polaroid, Gore-Tex, Sony and Marks and Spencer alongside forming a body of personal work focussed on natural and rural environments. His work has previously been exhibited in Kew Gardens, Cité de la Mer, Chateau de Bosmelet, Malthouse Gallery and Mario’s Café. Mike McGoran’s ongoing photographic series ‘Forest Bathing’ explores his relationship to trees, influenced by childhood memories from summers in rural Ireland. The exhibition ‘Forest Bathing’ is also inspired by Dr Quing Li’s ground-breaking research on the Japanese art of ‘shinrin-yoku’ (Forest Bathing) and its impact on mental health, finding time spent amongst trees can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The photographs in this exhibition have been shot on analogue medium format, a considered process which compliments the stillness of nature and are silver gelatin fibre-based prints hand-printed by Melvin Cambettie Davis.

Image: ‘Chateau de Bosmelet’