In the Abstract

Preview: 6-8 pm Friday 1st to Sunday 17th March 2024. Open Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March 11am - 4pm. free

Exhibition of new paintings by Julian M C Scott.

Julian studied at Bristol Polytechnic, Kingston School of Art (now Kingston University, London), finishing with an MA in Fine Art from Cardiff School of Art & Design. He has taught at various art schools in the UK, becoming Programme Leader for BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Bristol School of Art and, most recently, the Foundation Art & Design programme at UWE. In 2021, he gave up teaching to concentrate on his own creative practice.

Julian tends to work on several paintings at once. They are abstract, and they evolve through a process that is focussed on the materiality of paint, colour, and the physicality of gesture. The process invokes remembered and imagined experiences of our shared lived spatiality of landscape, time, and place.  Propositions and juxtapositions are made that are intended to be in some way ambiguous, unexpected, or strange. Julian wants to be surprised by the work as it emerges and to embrace the awkward and the slightly ‘off’. This process is both cognitive and intuitive and is based on the idea of painting as a kind of pure research into ideas, thoughts, and memories as well as the act of painting itself.

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Instagram: jmc_scott_artist