My Roots are in the Ocean

Launch event Friday 2nd June 6-9 pm. Open Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June 11.30am-5pm. Thereafter by arrangement until June 25th free

Nicolette McGuire

I am an artist who walks in wild places. Solitude is important for me. I walk by the sea, the dunes, saltmarshes, waterfalls, the intertidal zone, cliffs and caves. I swim in tidal pools. I sit quietly so that I become invisible and nature begins to move around me.

Walking alone I lose the edges between myself and where I am. I notice both the tiny close up details and the whole land and seascape. I move in and out of them both physically and in my mind. Seeing and holding both. I am immersed, alone, but not. Art, like walking, is an exploration. It can feel euphoric or fearful, is full of choice and accident, decision and procrastination, but essentially discovery. I feel alive.

I take photographs, make sketches, make work on the beach that will wash away, documenting it as it does. I collect objects and experiences. I take home sea smells and sounds. In the studio I make maps in various ways, of the places I have been. I return myself to the feelings of being there. Immersed in the work as I was in the places. Lost in solitude. I make paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptural objects and installations. These groups of work connect and talk to each other. The materials I use, the walks I do, are as important as finished work. I love blue and gold.

I did a Fine Art degree while bringing up my family, taught art and design for many years, started a flag making business and completed an MA Fine Art in 2016.

“Going home now I don’t want to lose this feeling of ease in my body as if the land and sea have come into me,” Susan Griffin. Chorus of Stones 1993

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