Salad Days

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Basking in the rosy light of the moon, wishing on dandelions, wearing a green of youth, dancing, dancing, and dancing – ‘Salad Days’ is emerging artist Sanni Pyhänniska’s first solo exhibition showcasing a collection of original screen prints bursting in vibrant colour, rich texture, and motive pattern.


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Emma is a Bristol-based artist who creates abstract works using pigmented plasters and sand. She discovered these materials in 2020 while removing layers of wallpaper from a 1930s house. The distressed wall that was exposed had many layers of plaster, filler, paint, chalk, and charcoal. These marks, left by so many people over a period… Read more »

Stories of Carers (unpaid)

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Invisible Army. Through documentary photography and short stories we we make the challenges and joys carers cope with everyday visible to ensure carers voices are heard.

Project Rewind

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Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews have been collaborating as photographers for over ten years.  For the first time, at HOURS they will be celebrating a retrospective collection of work called Project Rewind from self published book called ‘SEE SAW’. This work explores ideas about collaborative image making and what happens when you rewind the camera… Read more »