Scattered Perspectives : Documents of Life

3-6pm Saturday 27th January & 3- 6 pm Sunday 28th January 2024 free

A series of experimental screen works by DW

DW works with multiple photographs and moving images creating screen works that document an array of aspects life.

‘I have been working on creating outcomes from my archives- be that collections of images from places and times, or from ideas that I have shot but not actualised. Photography is still quite stuck on praise of the single image; I have worked with multiple images since the 80’s. Now, with digital technology it is much easier to expand on this. A photograph is never a true representation of something, it is a limited and framed moment and arguably no longer needs to be still, but can be extended without actually being film. Be an image still, multiple, or moving, it can document time and place, detail and nuance. We can see what is hidden in plain sight, visit places and share experiences. We will only get an idea, we will never get a full picture. It is for the individual viewer to have their own thoughts, perhaps create their own narratives. Can these multiple image screen works be more evocative of experiences and memories? Can the confusion of having so much to look at perhaps challenge our thoughts to work in different ways?’