Scattered Perspectives : Documents of Life

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A series of experimental screen works by DW DW works with multiple photographs and moving images creating screen works that document an array of aspects life. ‘I have been working on creating outcomes from my archives- be that collections of images from places and times, or from ideas that I have shot but not actualised…. Read more »

Stories of Carers (unpaid)

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Invisible Army. Through documentary photography and short stories we we make the challenges and joys carers cope with everyday visible to ensure carers voices are heard.

Project Rewind

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Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews have been collaborating as photographers for over ten years.  For the first time, at HOURS they will be celebrating a retrospective collection of work called Project Rewind from self published book called ‘SEE SAW’. This work explores ideas about collaborative image making and what happens when you rewind the camera… Read more »