Life Layers

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An exhibition of paintings by Pamela Woods. ‘I’ve been working in creative fields of one form or another all my life, moving regularly between science and art. I’ve moved from clothing design to plant science, landscape design to photography, painting to philosophy and back once more to painting. Discovering new ideas is what I love,… Read more »

Yoga on Thursday with Beth

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We now have a weekly yoga class on Thursday’s from 6-7pm. Beth has 9 years experience practicing and teaching yoga and is excited to share the space with you. Combining full body movement with breathing and mindfulness, enjoy a yoga flow sequence promoting strength, stretching and full relaxation (that’s the best bit, right!?) Expect to… Read more »

After Winter

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Jo Ball presents new drawings on paper, and during the first weekend a sculptural installation. The artist gathers everyday yet unexpected materials such as thread, petals and stones. From these collections intricate works evolve, and remind the viewer of connections to ourselves, each other and the earth.

Downside Upstreet

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2 Artists 4 Years. Milky & Rudi Now we’re here. A showing of collaborative paintings on upcycled wood and canvases, following our journey of creating together over the last 4 years, practicing graffiti, oil painting and comic illustrations. In these series of works combined are Rudi’s comic book style characters with Milky’s calligraffiti, overlapping to… Read more »

Project Rewind

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Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews have been collaborating as photographers for over ten years.  For the first time, at HOURS they will be celebrating a retrospective collection of work called Project Rewind from self published book called ‘SEE SAW’. This work explores ideas about collaborative image making and what happens when you rewind the camera… Read more »

Flights on Dark Wings

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Live readings of new stories by Tracy Heather Johnson Join Tracy Heather Johnson and Troy TV for a live reading of two brand new stories from the Flights on Dark Wings anthology, currently in development for the screen. Tickets on Eventbrite 7pm Doors open. 7:30pm – 9pm Readings, Q&A, a drink and a chat. Tickets… Read more »

Don’t Worry About That

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paintings by Hoax & Akarat Akarat and Hoax are showing a collection of some of their paintings from the last few years. For both artists these paintings mark the transitional moments from wall to canvas, canvas to wall. Each taking spray paint with them. The graffiti duo have been painting the streets of Bristol since… Read more »

Land of Curiosity

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Welcome to the Land of Curiosity, a group exhibition of the art of Martin and Wen-Hsi Harman. These two UK based artists come together to show their hand-made one-off artworks ranging from stoneware, porcelain sculpture and painting. Come and join us in this Free exhibition where you will find A Land of Curiosity filled with… Read more »

Communicate with Confidence

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With Julia Cawte You’re fabulous at what you do. And when you become equally fabulous at presenting and speaking confidently in front of others, then you and your business can really fly!Check out this link to Julia’s workshops and one to one sessions at HOURS this autumn – you can book a free call with Julia here to have a chat about… Read more »